My First Comic Con Appearance

Thanks to  MCM Comic Con in London Oct 2019 for allowing me to have an exceptional first time as a standee at a convention.

Surrounded by another experienced indie creators and artists in the Comic Village it was somewhat intimidating…still, my stand wasn’t big, but it was grand.

Thank you to every one that passed by and showed interest, spoke with me, shared their stories and creations and of course to those who bought a copy of Issue #1 or even a sticker. I hope you all have read it by now and I look forward to your feedback. I’d also like to say a special thanks to all the other standees, despite feeling like the only one there that was with a stand for the first time, they showed me great support and made me feel very welcomed amongst the many.

I had an absolutely great time. I was even lucky enough to ha e some fun exploring the convention for myself. I look forward to the next MCM Comic Con which (May 2020) I will surely be participating at as well.

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