RIOT (The Graphic Novel Series)

So, what is Riot about?

Riot is the first graphic novel and comic book series presented by Dark Wave Comics.

The story of Riot spawned its first inspiration from a true incident that occurred (the infamous) 2011 London riots. The creator of Riot has come up with a way to find a way to share and blend his POV with his imagination and so we present you an inspiring version of what will be a new take on a superhero origin. 

Riot will follow the main protagonist Callum Clarke as he goes through a series of events, that occur in a dystopian world which is heavily inspired by “London” and some other true historical events.

See how Callum goes from an average guy and arrested during a night of rioting, to turning into New London’s hero. A blend of realism and literary fancy – with exceptional artwork to go along with it.
It also has an authentic urban impression that shouldn’t be missed.


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