Dark Wave is actively seeking new talent—writers and artists alike—to join the family.
We want to expand our Universe.

Thank you for your interest in submitting your work to us,
please read our official submission guidelines below.


Good luck!



Dark Wave Comics only publishes creator-owned material.
We’re only truly interested in publishing original content.



  1. A brief, typed cover letter that summarizes your project and your previous work, only if relevant.
    Include contact information (name, e-mail address and a potential video chat ID or phone number).
  2. A typed, one page, synopsis of the overall story arc(s).
    Tell us what sets your story apart from other comics/manga and be clear as to who the target audience is.
  3. Either a copy of, scripts, inked and lettered sequential pages, or portfolio work (this may include character sketches or bios).
  4. (This is not a must but definitely preferred) A cover or cover mock-up—this’ll display your connection on your expected market and gives us a clear view on your vision.
    With creator approval, this may go through a joint redesign if we decide to induct your project.
  5. Email all submissions to submissions@darkwavecomics.com.
    We are not accepting physical submissions at this time.



  • The creative team in your pitch is the one we expect to see actually working on your book.
  • We are happy to assist you with your creative needs and offer you services for example,
    if you are an artist and require a script written for your project, we can have one of our best writers on board.
    And vice versa, we can introduce you to our fellow artists and begin production promptly.
  • We are not looking for any specific genre of comic book.
    We are interested in stories that are well written and/or well drawn, representing diverse backgrounds/cultures
    and most importantly by people who are passionately dedicated.
    We appreciate and respect the creative process just as much as we do for the output.


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